Manchego cheese is a food whose origin goes back to the mists of time. Manchego cheese, made with the milk of Manchego sheep, has an equally historical origin, as old as the cattle of this breed.

The passage of time has not varied in essence its processing and quality, being a cheese characterized by its mild flavor, which is intensified and transformed into spicy in very cured cheeses, its unique aroma and the pleasant residual taste left in the mouth the milk of Manchego sheep.

Manchego cheese « Flor de San Isidro » cheeses combine quality and tradition, elaborated with the same traditional recipe of yesteryear but with the homogeneity and security of the most modern methods. « Flor de San Isidro » offers a wide variety of cheeses: raw milk, pasteurized or organic and with different degrees of maturation.



Pressed cheese made from raw milk exclusively from Manchego sheep controlled by the regulatory council of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin.

Pressed cheese made with pasteurized milk exclusively from Manchego sheep controlled by the regulatory council of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin.

Pressed cheese made with pasteurized or raw milk exclusively from Manchego sheep raised and fed in an ecological way and controlled by the regulatory council of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin.


With a very mild flavor, it is the perfect cheese to consume daily. Maturation 3 months.


More intense flavor and strong personality, lactic and persistent in the mouth. Maturation 6 months.


A cheese with a strong and spicy flavor for cheese lovers. Maturation 12 months.



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Paris 2020 Cheese Fair

Paris 2020 Cheese Fair

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